Founded by Southern gents with simple taste

ACE Basin Cocktail Company was founded in 2016 in Charleston, South Carolina and is dedicated to creating handcrafted, all natural tonic while preserving the flavors of the original recipe.  Originally created by co-founder Mark Langdon, it was enjoyed by our family and friends for years before we decided to produce the tonic for everyone to enjoy.

Langdon’s Original Tonic, a small-batch tonic syrup, is made in the heart of the Lowcountry, right here in Charleston, South Carolina. All of our products are made from scratch with the finest quality ingredients and infused with Southern pride.

A brief history of tonic

Originally cultivated by the Quechua people of Peru and Bolivia, quinine was extracted from the Cinchona tree to treat malaria fever, hence the name “fever tree” was coined. Spanish explorers found that the Peruvian people were using the bark to treat fevers and that it was effective.  By the 1840's, British colonials were using the bark to treat and prevent malaria during their voyages back and forth to India. 

However, given the bitter nature of the quinine, people began mixing the Cinchona bark with sugar and carbonated water to make it more palatable.  Eventually tonic water became commercially available and became a popular cocktail mixer.  Hence the Gin & Tonic was born.

In keeping with the tradition of the Quechua, Langdon’s Original Tonic infuses Cinchona Bark, natural herbs, spices, fresh citrus juices and oils through an extended steeping process to create a delicious tonic syrup.


Cinchona Bark


The steeping time and temperature are precisely monitored to ensure all of the flavors and nutrients are properly extracted and combined. The tonic liquid is then strained through micron filters to remove any tiny particles and sediment before adding sweetener.

This delicate balance is what gives Langdon's Original Tonic its unique color and flavor.

Langdon’s Original Tonic is handcrafted using only natural ingredients, never synthetic quinine or chemicals that allow for mass production of tonic waters. This manual, small-batch process allows us to create the most refreshing all-natural tonic available.